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August 4-7 - Little Switzerland: About 80 of us gathered in the NC mountains for our traditional summer weekend. A great resort with great food, breakfast and coktail hours on the terrace with splendid vistas, trip to beautiful Linville Ridge Country Club and tour of the fabulous Paramount Classic Car Collection (ceck the size of that slot track). What a weekend it was!
July 30 - Lake Gaston: One Ferrari day at the lake courtesy of Jim & Linda Youmans. Ferraris are meant to be driven....even in the rain....
FCA National Meet - Mid Ohio - June 2016: Columbus, OH, was not a really exciting destination on paper but these guys put a fabulous event together and nailed it. The NC team had a great time. The cars were fantastic. Including the fabulous 250 GTO of Chris Cox from Chapel Hill, NC. Let's go to Daytona next year!
Pinehurst Concours - April 30th: What a day it was on the Pinehurst fairways. After an evening of libations first at the wonderful home of one of our members and then on the gorgeous patio of Theo's Taverna, we lined up 24 beautiful Ferraris on the Fairway Club. In addition, Jim Meek and Diehl Jones entered a car in the Concours and Foreign Cars Italia brought 3 additional cars. The Ferrari Class was won by a gorgeous 1966 275 GTB you will easily recognize in the pictures below. The ironwood hosted us on Saturday night on a private section of their great patio and treated us with a first class meal.
Charleston, SC - April 7th-10th: Carriage ride, harbor cruise, spirited drives, food, food, food and a few drinks along the way. Another great spring weekend for the FCA group in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.
VIR - March 7th-8th: Another 2 great Track Days at VIR: perfect weather, another appearance of Tom's 1984 GTO along with Woody's brand new 488 GTB, a pretty impressive banquet room graced by a superb white 458 Speciale and some other great cars brought by our main season sponsor Foreign Cars Italia. If you could not make it this time come next year: this is too much fun!
Enzo Birthday Dinner - February 20th. More than 30 of us gathered at Nina's Ristorante in Raleigh to celebrate what would have been Mr. Ferrari's 118th birthday. Good Italian food and wines and a lot of talk about our two major upcoming events: the annual Track Days at VIR and the Charleston Getaway Weekend. The year in now in full swing!
New Year's Drive - January 16. Close to 30 of us got together at the Eddy Pub in Saxapahaw, NC for our first FCA drive of the year and enjoyed a wonderful Southern home made brunch.To have such an attendance mid-january shows how our members are committed to the club and love driving their Prancing Horses around. Come join us next time!
Christmas party - December 5: This past Saturday about 50 of us gathered at the beautiful Chapel Hill Country Club for our traditonal FCA-NC Christmas Party. Lots of smily faces, great food and this unbelievable FCA fellowship! 2015 is now almost behind us but 2016 promises to be an exciting year filled with many activities and events.
Halloween in Historic New Bern - October 30 - November 1: A small group but what a great time we had! A weekend full of very diverse activities such as some remarks about the history of New Bern by the President of the New Bern Historic Society, a guided tour of Tryon Palace (18th century Governor's Mansion) which opened for us only on Sunday morning for pictures of our cars, some real Halloween fun and of course, a Saturday afternoon drive in our Prancing Horses. A big thank you to Jon and Karen Segal for hosting the group at their beautiful home for cocktails and for the tremendous help they provided to put all this together. We will do it again! The pictures below say more than a thousand words.
September 6 - F1 Italian GP Viewing at Sport Auto: More than 50 of us gathered together to resume a long tradition of the FCA-NC and watch the Scuderia single sitters compete in their prestigious and historic backyard: the Autodromo di Monza. Thank you Steve and Norma Barney for putting this back on the calendar. Perfect weather, great food from Mrs Barney and Mrs Dorier, great fellowship and I still cannot get enough being around these cars.....
2015 FCA National Meet, Monterey, CA - August 16-19: Several members of the NC Chapter crossed the country to attend a beautifully organized National Meet on the Monterey Peninsula.The event featured a Concours on Day 1, a track event on Day2 & 3 at world renowned Laguna Seca and a pleasure drive on Day 3 that took several of us around the famous 17 Mile Drive going from Carmel to Pacific Grove via Pebble Beach and the Lone Cypress. What a treat! The cars were of exceptional level this year as the Meet was immediately following Car Week with Ferrari as the featured make of the year. Congratulations to Fred & Annette Anderson for wnning a well deserved Platino Award at the FCA event!
But even more impressive, their gorgeous 1963 250 GT/L "Lusso" won Best V12 in Show at the Concorso Italiano the Saturday before. This is no small accomplishment as there were more than 500 (yes, five hundred) Ferraris on the fairways that day and I have never seen that many V12s together! 
July 30 - August 2. Biltmore Estate Getaway Weekend: Wow! What a great get together at the Biltmore. About 90 of us coming from the whole Southeast region enjoyed perfect weather, 2 great rallies, a moonshine distillery tour, a farm visit, delicious food in beautiful venues and a Ferrari Concours d'Élégance. To me the best picture posted here is that of Eric & Karen Davis, our newest and youngest members participating in their first event, having a great time and doing a selfie with Phil Bachman, one of our long time prominent members. That is exactly the spirit of the FCA and this is why I love it so much. You guys are great. Thank you for being my friends. What a weekend it was! Let's have many more like this.
June 13th 2015: Wonderful day in Pinehurst this last Saturday. Twenty of us attended a superb (as always) luncheon in a private room at the historic The Carolina hotel. A short yet very interersting presentation by BB&T Wealth comparing the manufacturing of a 599 with the building of an investment portfolio. They came prepared! And a most welcomed last minute addition to the program: Morton Meltzer invited all of us to his house to view his unique collection of about 50 cars including as you can see on the pics a 365 GTC/4 that was owned by General Patton, an incredible Ford GT 40 and a 1/2 replica of the 312 T4 that Jody Sheckter raced to the World Championship in 1979. Another great FCA-NC day! And many thanks to BB&T Wealth!
May 2 - 3rd Pinehurst Concours d'Élégance: It was a glorious day this past Saturday as the 24 cars provided by our membership were lined-up on the fairways of the Pinehurst Country Club.
In addition, 6 superb older Ferraris (until 1975) 
participated in the Concours including the 63 Lusso and 67 330GTC of Fred & Annette Anderson and a very rare 67 275 GTB/4 NART Spider.
The last transaction on the latter car was at the Monterey auctions in 2013 and the Eddie Smith (Lexington, NC) car sold for 27.5 million!
Finally, the LaFerrari of Bob Rapp was on display all day for all to admire and Mr. Rapp, as always, was kind enough to let kids sit in it. Thank you, Sir!
It was like heaven for any Ferrarista or any car enthusiast.
Another great showing for the FCA-NC!
Thank you to all our members who were willing to commit their cars and a full day in their busy schedule to make this happen.
April 23-26- Kiawah Island: What a great FCA weekend at Kiawah! Many thanks to George Desko for opening his house and showing...the wonderful basement. Two fantastic luncheons with a view. Three dinners in beautiful yet very different in style venues. A dry rally, a wet rally. We had it all. Enjoy the pictures.
April 11-Lusso Reveal Party: What a wonderful evening at Fred and Annette's residence! About 50 of us gathered in response to their kind invitation and enjoyed that gorgeous spring evening with great food and beverages and of course admire the beautiful 1963 250 GT/L (Berlinetta Lusso) in Grigio Ferro Metallico over Bordeaux. Fabulous car! Ferrari Classiche Certification and already several Platinum Awards at some top notch Concours!
There were also 3 
the other great cars in this unique garage: a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Convertible, a Ferrari 330 GTC and a Ferrari 575 Superamerica! What a treat! Another highlight of the evening: Steve Barney's was back with us and was obviously having a good time.
Thank you Fred and Annette for a memorable evening: you certainly know how to throw a party!
March 21-Spring Drive to ONSC: What a perfect day to drive our Pracing Horses to the beautiful grounds of Old North State Country Club! Not a huge group but some very nice cars. 458 Italia,      458 Spider, Scud,  2 California. Concours condition 328 GTS and F355 Berlinetta. And a gorgeous yellow Lambo Gallardo convertible. Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch with view on the lake. I think there was a consensus on the fact that we should go back...and we will.

Bob Rapp Recognition - March 14, 2015. I was very pleased this morning to be able, on behalf of the FCA-NC, to recognize Bob and Robert Rapp who was so generous this week at VIR in sharing their LaFerrari with our group. Robert drove about 40 laps total and at these speeds, this is not like a walk in the park! Bob was presented with 2 blown up posters. One of Robert on the track with......Brigitte as passenger and one with Bob standing next to the car. His long time friend Steve Barney was here as well as Tom Jones a.k.a Ferrarioldman. Thank you Mr. Rapp!

 — at Sport Auto, Inc. Summerfield.
2015 VIR Track Event. We just concluded our 2 day meet at the track. The highlight was definitely the showing of the LaFerrari on the track on Monday: Wow! What a car! Bob Rapp was kind enough to allow some of us to enjoy a few laps. Thank you, Sir, for this unforgettable moment. Listen to the soundtrack on the short video below!
On Tuesday, the track was treacherous because of overnight showers but it was a learning experience to drive in these conditions and we were able to finish the day without a major incident and with no injuries.
Two very busy days packed with a lot of driving, learning and the always enjoyable FCA-NC fellowship!
Enzo Birthday 2015 Dinner Party. February 21 at West 518 Italian Cafè in Raleigh. Another fun packed FCA-NC event for our traditional Enzo Ferrari Birthday Dinner. Tom Williamson (the Father of us all) presented Jim Meek with a beautiful framed drawing of the 1967 275 GTB/4 S NART Spider, coachwork by Scaglietti, one owner car of Eddie Smith from Lexington, NC that sold in the Monterey 2013 auctions for $27,500,000! And I might add: all proceeds going to charity. Very nice touch, Tom and congratulations Jim  for your  relentless efforts to make this club the best it can be!
Hank & Amy Carpenter Goodbye Dinner. January 2015. A great evening full of fun to say goodbye to the Carpenters on their way to balmy Florida. Many thanks to Jim Youmans, Mark and Jennifer Corigliano, Howard Stanton, Ray Baule and Marc McConnell for putting together an impromptu yet hilarious roast of Hank Carpenter! The pics speak for themselves: everyone had a great time.
Mystery Brewing Drive - January 2015: The year started very promptly thanks to Greg Owens who put together a fun Ferrari drive followed by an interesting visit of Mystery Brewery in Hillsborough, NC (including some tasting but of course in moderation...). Hats off to Eric, the owner of Mystery, who really knows his beer and is so passionate about it! We than ended up having an almost private lunch party at the brewery pub catered by Hillsborough BBQ! And, of course, some beautiful cars, as always, as you can see on the pics. A great FCA-NC way to start the year...
Sport Auto/LaFerrari - December 2014. Another great Ferrari afternoon courtesy of Steve Barney at Sport Auto in Summerfield, NC and, of course, of LaFerrari owner Bob Rapp. Beautiful cars everywhere: lots of Ferraris of course but also a very impressive Rolls Royce and a red, white and blue trio of authentic Cobras. Further, Grandpa Mason Cox exhibited the only 512BBi in the world equipped with a child seat! Thanks Steve also for the home made pizzas by Mama Ginna's, by far the best pizzas in this part of the world. Good crowd of true enthusiasts who could not get enough of this phenomenal car! The highlights of the day were when Bob's son Robert highreved the car inside the building and when he left Sport Auto with a vigorous acceleration! What a sound!!!
Christmas Party 2014 at the Renaissance Raleigh. Another great FCA-NC moment filled with fun and Ferrari fellowship in a comfortable atmosphere accompanied by great food. Main highlights: Sherri Grantham winning a $500 gift certificate at Diamonds Direct and a very special celebration of the 39th birthday of Bob Ingram :) led by the wonderful voice of Starr Basmajian.
The Unveiling of LaFerrari. November 2014.
What an extraordinary evening courtesy of Foreign Cars Italia and, of course, of our long time member Bob Rapp! Thank you Mr. Rapp for being kind enough to share with us this fabulous car of yours. The highlight of the evening was when Bob announced that he would allow everyone to sit in the car and gave priority to children. First class, Sir! And thanks again FCI for putting together a great evening. This NC Chapter is really special!
Paparazzi, Raleigh. November 2014.
A fun dinner for ,ore than 30 of us and the surprise celebration of the 50th Birthday of Jim Meek, our new Regional Director.
Beaufort, NC. October 2014.
Stellar weather, fun rally by the coast and beautiful catamaran cruise. A small group but a ton of fun!
VIR. August 2014.
A race to remember: fantastic finish and Ferrari victory!
Tapoco Lodge, May 2013.
These cars are glowing!
Wilmington 2011
Pinehurst 2012
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